Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall City 10k Race Report

I signed up for this race as a test to see how far I've come. I had no intentions to try and make this a "smart" race or well-paced. I didn't even expect to get a PR because I'm not in that kind of shape right now.

Great weather. Very flat course. Small field. Short drive from home. Inexpensive. The perfect Fall 10k. I'll do this one again.

Now for the good stuff.

Official finish time: 58:35.
6/25 in AG. Less than 3 minutes from a podium. Next year!

My mile splits:

Mile 0 - 1 = What??? That's cray cray! I'll never hold this!
Mile 1 - 2 = Ok, this is good. Hold this plz
Mile 2 - 3 = Um, pace isn't going in the correct direction but still overall I'm cool.
Mile 3 - 4 = Crap. PR is slipping away
Mile 4 - 5 = Ruh roh. Hill.
Mile 5 - 6 = C'mon dammit! Ruuuunnnn!!!!!
Last .2 = I'm given her all she's got, Captain!

My last 10k was a year ago and I did it in 1:08:xx.

My PR is a 57:15 from 2009 but I think that course was short. Garmin Connect has eaten my old records and I'm trying to get them fixed. We'll see.

No happy finisher selfie like I usually take but I did get a picture of the asshole who parked me in so I couldn't leave for another 20 minutes.

Now I'm watching Ironman World Championships online and sitting on the couch. A hard 10k means I've earned a bit of sloth today.

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J said...

or not so intelligent gibberish... yay and congratulations! I would not know what to do with a road 10k.


Hi Jennifer,

John M.